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The IT Infrastructure Management gives any one the ability to go beyond any applications and its data that not only includes the Infrastructure Components but also Application Platform Infrastructure, this helps further relevant to the operation of your applications thru Application Management Services. At Endeavour Technologies we help our clients in leveraging best IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services with reduced TCO and improved ROI using Industry Best Practices and Methodologies. We also help them in next generation technologies like IAAS, PAAS and SAAS in transforming their existing models to fit into future models.

An example is the solution which was developed by SAP has transformed SAP Solution Manager into a Central Platform for managing an entire IT infrastructure – from Business Applications and all the way down to Complex and mixed Infrastructure and Network Environments.

Business Benefits:

  • Centralize view of Applications and Infrastructure
  • Improved Infrastructure efficiency and availability
  • Improved Application performance
  • Passionate monitoring: This will avoid problems which are ahead of time by receiving alerts when defined thresholds are exceeded.
  • Faster error recovery: Take the advantage of the unique view across application and network boundaries that will help you to identify and eliminate the root causes of incidents faster.
  • Automated Inventory Management: Automate the management of your entire IT inventory and save time and obviously effort when compiling inventory data.
  • Reduced Change Management risks.

Why us?

  • You can endlessly monitor your entire IT infrastructure, whether it is Printers, Personal Computers, Servers, Routers, or Switches, Mobile Devices, Datacenter Solutions, Hosted Solutions, Cloud Solutions with our cost effective IT Infrastructure Management Processes
  • Components which are needed to run and monitor its core components and dependencies with other components lies with the Configuration Management database which is again a central database that automatically detects all Infrastructure Components, shows you their configurations and relationships and collects detailed performance data.
  • Customers may also rely on standard tools or Opensource tools for managing and monitoring IT Infrastructure from complex to simple Infrastructure setups.

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