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SAP SEM is one of the focal point for all high-performance industries and businesses. It also delivers end-to-end capabilities which would support financial consolidation, performance management and strategy management life cycle. Our SEM Implementation allows CFOs to be proactive and also act before competition.

SAP SEM can help all the organizations dramatically to improve their ability and to organize analyze and integrate a wide range of financial, competitor, operational and marketplace information to deliver sustainable high performance.

  • Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)
  • Corporate Performance Monitor (SEM-CPM)
  • Business Information Collection (SEM-BIC)
  • Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW)
  • Business Planning and Simulation (SEM-BPS)
  • Business Background Information

An SEM application will always typically draw upon a very common pool of consistent data from a data warehouse which is also accessible to decision-makers, such as CFOs and strategic planners, who can drill down to the level of detail they actually require. Above this data warehouse there will be a set of analytical application systems incorporating such techniques as shareholder value management, activity based management and balanced scorecard. The potential of the combination of all these elements is very powerful.

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management does just that by helping the organizations translate business strategy into real-life, everyday actions in the organization.

Business Benefits

  • Guides you to communicate your goals through the entire organization and to the stakeholders.
  • Changes static operational planning cycles into continuous, rolling forecasts.
  • Provides access to internal and external resources, including data from third parties.
  • Links strategy to targets and resource allocation.
  • Supports integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting plans.


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